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Butt Exercise - The Plain and Simple Truth

Here at ButtExercise.net I'm not just going to show you a whole bunch of exercises that you can get anywhere else. My name is Ryan Parker and I'll talk you through every detail of what I learned about developing and shaping the prefect butt. 

Realistically speaking, exersicing your butt can be quite a science and requires a fair bit of work but with my direction and recommendations I see no problem in shaping a pair of beautiful butt cheeks, all in time for the next summer to show off.

Just read through my recommendations. I'm providing all this information for free so do take the opportunity to learn from my experience. You will be provided with the best butt exercises that you can do and I'll even go as far as explaining the mechanics of fat accumumation and reduction in the butt areas.

Before we go straight into whats-what about butt exercises, I'd like to talk you through the normal consituents of the human butt. Ok, to make it simple, the human butt consists of skin, muscle and fat. There is no bone there so the shape of the butt is purely determined by these three factors. Men generally have more muscle, less fat and less skin whereas women have more skin and fat while having less muscle. You must always remember that its is the muscle that gives the form to the butt. The fat gives it constituency while the skin binds everything and puts it into a nice presentable package. If you get any of these factors wrong then you will very simply get a unproportioned butt that just won't look very sexy. The importance of getting all the factors right can't be overstated. Right, lets go into detail about each part of the butt:

Butt Muscles

It is important to realize that it is the butt muscles that actually give structure to the butt and the only way to build it up is to exercise it. Now with butt exercise you also must understand that there is a science to it, different types of exercises will get different results. There are different exercises for building, toning and also lengthening your butt muscles.

Building muscles would be for those who are unfortunate enough to have the "saggy butt" syndrome, the reason for this is that the structural support of the muscles are simply too weak to hold up the fat and skin attached to it thus creating a situation where it sags.

On the other hand, some people may complain that they suffer from a bubble butt, this basically is most probably caused by having too much bulk in the muscle in the butt, what they then should do is consider butt exercises that can lengthen the butt muscles so that it flows in a more natural way.

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Butt Fat

This is the layer of fatty tissue on top of the muscles that generally give the butt the shape and tenderness. Again in order to sculpt the perfect butt there has to be just the right amount of fatt on the butt to make it's shape sexy and appealing.

Take for example a body builder's butt, its almost muscles and skin only, while the form is good I would hardly call it sexy because there isn't the fat to mould it to an agreeable shape. Likewise the shape of person with a fat arse isn't appealing either because it lacks definition and "poise".

The whole idea is to get just enough fat above the muscle to make it soft and rounded while still not enough fat to create a saggy or unappealing look. The right combination is key. There are many ways to both put on and reduce fat on your butt, which I will discuss in the Butt Fat section.

Butt Skin

Most will not regard the skin around the butt to be of much importance, but little do they know it is actually the skin which holds everything together and also help a great deal in keeping that "perky" look. The whole idea is to have as tight skin across the butt area to hold everything in place. The best thing is even if you have alot of fat and little muscle, if you tighten your skin around your butt area, your butt will looks much better than if it had looser skin.

There are many methods to tighten butt skin as there are many ways to tighten face skin, after-all it is still skin. Explore the skin section an I will explain to you how to tighten your skin to get that firm butt look.

To better understand what your needs are I've developed a few sample question that you can ask yourself so you can clearly define the goals in sculpting the great butt. Go to: Butt Assessment

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